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Deb Danilow About Destiny Records' Recording Artist

Debbie Danilow

This TEXAS SINGER/SONGWRITER may be the best kept SECRET in the music business. Leaving high school in Fort Worth, Texas, DEBBIE DANILOW was drawn to the music which had always been in her heart. Striking up a relationship in 1967 with The Doors, she never dreamed of the journey that lay ahead of her.

She had been working with a Fort Worth based promotional company booking national tours for various artists and she became convinced that it was time to leave Texas. In California, she developed relationships with Michael Bloomfield, The Grateful Dead, Traffic, The Who, Blue Cheer, Nick St. Nicholas of Steppenwolf, Savoy Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles, Janis Joplin, and many other artists in Haight-Ashbury.

She went on to do some modeling and television production, but stayed involved in the recording scene working with Lee Housekeeper, Steve Cropper (the Blues Brothers guitarist), and Blaire Ahronson. All along, she kept writing songs and the last catalog had over 300 titles. One of her songs popped up on an album from John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.

She came back to Texas for a while and ran a blues club, featuring talent from all over the state.Deb Danilow Then, from 1983-85, she teamed up with songwriter Jerry Williams and headed out to Malibu to work at ShangriLa Studios, the one Bob Dylan and The Band built. While there, she worked intimately with Bonnie Raitt, Tom Scott, Mick Fleetwood, Mickey Raphael, Stephen Bruton, Billy Burnette, and others. After that, her priorities changed for a time as she found that her sobriety and spiritual health were more important than her career, so she has been quietly singing in small clubs and at jazz festivals for the last few years. But she has also established her own groups, 'Jazz Talk' and 'Soul Full O' Jazz', produced an album which sold out at the Chicago Blues Festival in 1986 and appeared as a guest artist on the recordings of several local jazz groups.

Her current album, 'Primordial Heart', is her solo DEBUT, featuring her own compositions, written, sung and produced by herself, and will be released for Internet sales at Debbie's style is hard to "pigeon-hole". It is deeply steeped in the roots of Texas blues, but has a significant dose of LA funk. Deb DanilowThen, every once in a while, you pick up threads of influences as diverse as Michel LeGrande, John Coltrane, and Ben Webster. Her melodies are captivating and expressive, with rhythmic deviations that keep her arrangers up at night. Her lyrics are, at once, naively simple and subtly pensive. The result is a unique style of music all her own called 'Pure Enjoyment'.

Look for Debbie's autobiography in 2005, chronicalling her spiritual journey this lifetime.

Deb Danilow

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