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Album Sound Clips

Now featuring these great songs from "Primordial Heart," Ms. Danilow's latest album:

New Love Blues       mp3        real        Song Lyrics

Deb Danilow Prison of Love       mp3        real Song Lyrics

Soul Doctor       mp3        real       Song Lyrics

Bettin On Fate       mp3        real       Song Lyrics

Can't Get You       mp3        real       Song Lyrics

Comin Down With Love       mp3        real       Song Lyrics

Fantasy Lover       mp3        real        Song Lyrics

Imagine That       mp3        real       Song Lyrics

Lie To Yourself       mp3        real       Song Lyrics

Think       mp3        real       Song Lyrics

The Flame       mp3        real       Song Lyrics

Deb Danilow

Album Liner Notes



Thank You GOD/GODDESS, GURUMAYI CHIDVlLASANANDA, MA JAYA SATI BHAGAVATI; FATHER YAHOWHA; this album has been a long, long time coming. I look back over my life and see how all the heartache, the good times and the wait have come together for a reason. I have used material for this album written almost thirty years ago, and some songs which were written in the last year. Yet, there remains an underlying theme to all of what is here... LOVE IS A CONSTANT; GROWTH IS A MUST; AND GOD IS OMNIPOTENT.

I am so very grateful to everyone in my Mom, Dad, Grandmother Alice, Aunt Marie (my namesake), my children Chandra and Anthony, my grandchildren Carley and Avery, and now Jacob, my lost loves, my angels, and even my enemies, for they were my greatest teachers, but mostly for the SPI RIT which lives in all of them, in all of us, and in all of life.

There is so much love and gratitude in my heart for my extended family...all the wonderful mentors, friends and guides I have met along the way, and the sisters and brothers who have graced my life, and continue to do so. I continue to be amazed at the blend of pathos and ioy of all the fellow artists I have come to know and love, and for having finally allowed the artist within myself to play in the sunshine and be happy and free, at long last.

I have learned LOVE IS ALWAYS; sometimes I HAVE TO ASK; and pride is a shadow... which runs away when the sun shines, but returns to play hide and seek with my higher self. I have learned on the journey to integrate both the dark and the light, and to find wholeness by doing so. It is my fond hope you will enioy the songs I have chosen to share with you in this album and my great hope some of what I do and have done will go forth to bless and heal our planet. Until me meet again 1 love you all.

REMEMBERING Jean Tant, Kaye Bearden, Gale Foster, Carole Blaise, Jolene Mercer, my sister Dorothy Jane, my brother John Forrest, my nephews Leighton and Tommy, my sister Suzzie, my cousin Laurie Roquemore, Richie Moore, Don Lee, Molly Lowrie, Ron Brooks, Karla North, Morgan Gaddes, Kali McDonough, Laveria Bogan and Charles Holland, Robert Koch, Barbara Bell, Frances Hulac, Claire McQuitty, Melissa Couch, Jakob Kornman, Shannon Wells, Doris West, Lucinda West, Sherry Chamberlin, Pat Baylor, Barry Menes, Ledford White, Ray Scott, Krishna Priya, Tom Lyons, Damascus and my family in Hawaii, Elizabeth Oliva. my friends in the symphony and countless others...MUsIC ANGELS along the path: Stephen Bruton, Bonnie Raitt, Mickey Raphael, Blaire Aahronson, Pete Townsend, Michael Bloomfield, Noel Redding, Mitch Mitchell, Nick St. Nicklaus, Rex Ludwick, Jerry Williams, Frank Hailey, James Clay, Charles Scott, Bob Stewart, Kim Simmonds, Roger Earl, Jim Morrison, John Densmore, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Doyle Bramhall, Barbara Logan, Billy Burnette, Danny Wright, Buffy Cox, Boomer and countless others.. LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE AND UNDERSTANDING .... FLY ON IN GRACE

IRVAL... Thank You Mother for giving me spirituality at the beginning of my life and for becoming my best friend in the world; I love you far more than words can express 1 finally did it!

DADDY ...1 miss you; I hope you are watching and listening.

HENRY WILLSON...You always said when it happened, everyone would wonder where I came from; time will tell. I miss you.

GENE SHACOVE... You knew who I was way back then. I will always love you.

SAMMY SHORE...Brother Sam, this is what happens to blondes from Texas. You will always be my love.

ELVIS..I still love purple tie dyed pants. I wish you had stuck around a little longer.

JIM MORRISON...Forgive me for leaving you alone in that LaCienaga motel that morning. I came back to make it right.

A very special and heartfelt thanks to DEBBIE BROOKS, my soul sister and angel of light, without whose love at the lowest moments of my life, I could never have survived at all and whose vision, stamina, courage, and unwavering belief in my talent made this album possible.

Special thanks to the financial Angels: CAROL YN CRITZ, without whose generosity and belief this album might never have been born;1 love you Carolyn and thank you with all my heart...BRUCE ALLEN..thank God you happened along nine long months were there to birth the child!

ROZ ROSENTHAL...whose courage, vision and generosity helped me make the first big step along the way.

For my Pastors: TOMMY CULWELL and PAUL ROACH who lit my way...and my brother in soul PERRY CRENSHAW.

For BILL WILSON, whose acquaintance I made some nineteen years ago now, and which changed the course of my life MARJORIE CRENSHAW my mentor and guide..I love you. Thanks for always being there, and always understanding. IRMA P. HALL ...Well; it took me a little longer, but I am right behind you. I love you.

GEORGE ANDERSON thanks; without you, it wouldn't have been the same; I am forever grateful...remember, if you want to change your life change your thoughts!

Before closing, I have never gotten over not agreeing to front Michael Bloomfield's band for him in early November 1967; when he asked me. I don't know if I was too shy, or just too disassociated. I'm sorry Michael and I miss you. I let another one fly by when I refused to follow up an invitation for help from Ahmet Ertegun when he heard some of my music at Lee Housekeeper's house in Los Angeles the week after the inauguration of Jimmy Carter . Ahmet, I apologize. Thirdly, I iust couldn't get in gear to go back to Malibu to work with Mick Fleetwood when Richard Dashut asked me to return in October 1985. All of these opportunities and I just always blew them off. Well, I finally agreed to the Universe I WOULD DO THE MUSIC! HERE IT IS AND I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IT. PEACE, DEBBIE.

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