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Welcome to the Official Home Page of Destiny Records Recording Artist
Debbie Danilow!
If you like rockin blues, jazz, and soulful singing, you're in the right place!

Now featuring these great songs from "Primordial Heart," Ms. Danilow's latest album:

New Love Blues       mp3        real

Prison of Love       mp3        real

Soul Doctor       mp3        real

Bettin On Fate       mp3        real

Can't Get You       mp3        real

Comin Down With Love
      mp3        real

Fantasy Lover       mp3        real

Imagine That       mp3        real

Lie To Yourself       mp3        real

      mp3        real

The Flame
      mp3        real

Click here to order the Debbie Danilow "Primordial Heart" CD.

Debbie plays a variety of music, leaning on jazz. A great vocalist, her 30 year career reads like a regular trip to the rock n roll hall of fame. Having struck up a relationship with John Densmore and Jim Morrison of the Doors, (anybody ever heard of them?), she left out for California, did the Haight Ashbury thing, and knew Michael Bloomfield, Phil Lesch and Bob Weir, Pete Townsend, Kim Simmonds, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles, Janis Joplin, (okay I'm running out of beer here) even Timothy Leary. (Wasn't he that guy who worked for Ford, and invented the LTD?) She's known many many more, including Elvis, Mick Fleetwood, and Bonnie Raitt, plus she's a nice person! check out her new song "Lie To Yourself."

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